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Inspiring story of father of India - Mahatma Gandhi

* Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in north-west India in the state of Porbandar on 2 October 1869.

* In 1883 Gandhi’s family move to the nearby city of Rajkot. Crucially schooling here is better and Gandhi is taught English.

* In 1888 Gandhi went to London to study law.

* In 1893 moved to South Africa to practise law. and he sets up the Indian Congress in Natal to fight against the treatment of Indian immigrants on the consecutive year.

* In 1913 Gandhi organised a strike against a £3 tax on people of Indian descent. and it was a great victory for him.

* In 1915 Gandhi makes a triumphant return to India, and traveled across the country in third-class train carriage.
He calls for a day of protest against the Rowlatt Act, but the protest turn into violent and caused the death of 400 people.
This massacre convinces Gandhi to start campaigning for Indian independence.

* In 1921 Gandhi becomes the main voice of the Indian National Congress and campaigns for political independence from Britain.
Gandhi's calls for non-violent protests are embraced by Indians of all classes and religions and he encourages non co-operation with British rule, which includes a boycott of British goods. In response the British arrest Gandhi for sedition and he is imprisoned for two years.

* In 1930 Gandhi is started campaigning against Britain’s heavy Salt Laws and it become a great protest all over the country and British give in and called  Gandhi to travel London to join the conference.

* In 1931 Gandhi travels to London for the Round Table Conference as the sole representative of the Indian National Congress. and seek for the Indian independence, but it was a failure for Gandhi.

* In 1942 Gandhi plans a non-violent protest demanding the British “Quit India” for good. In response he is imprisoned along with his wife, Kasturba. Violent protests calling for Gandhi’s release erupt across the country.

* In 1947 British unable to stop strengthening calls for freedom, and finally begin negotiations for the independence of India.

* In 1948 Gandhi was shoot to dead, while on his way to a prayer meeting at Birla House.


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