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How to conduct a good interview

1) Build a interview picture before scheduling - Review the job description and candidate's work history, meet candidate in a comfortable setting.

2) Prepare for the interview - Be prepared, set up a general structure for the interview and prepare key interview questions, spend time to do homework as you do on the interview.

3) Introduction - Introduce yourself after candidates introduction, start slow, safe and personal.(Start with generalized questions)

4) Introduce about the job and company - explain the process to every interviewee.

5) Ask some consistent questions to every candidate, and also ask questions related to the duties and responsibilities of the position.

6) Don't send advance questions - Make some questions open ended, make the interview a conversation, not an interrogation and spend as much time answering questions as you do asking. Listen, really listen.

7) Candidate questions - have candidate to ask question regarding position or any clarifications.

8) Describe the next steps and close the interview every time.


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